Saturday, February 11, 2012

Diana and Rhiannon began this business out of their home after experimenting with different artistic ideas.  Never did they have any idea the impact it would have on the community.  Several business' realized it became a creative and interesting way to advertise and bring customers.  Generally the women spend anywhere from one hour to several hours on one specific block.  They have come to realize there are multiple themes which can be captured on these glass blocks.  Diana has an amazing way with the mosaic tiling, while Rhiannon has the ability to paint an array of pictures and can paint in almost any font asked of her.  Both women have an amazing ability to capture any theme in a way such that all customers are instantly satisfied. The women are neighbors and have been friends for years.  The concept came to life after both moms decided they needed to work from home in order to spend more time with their families.  The entire experience of Glistening Glass Art has made both women's lives more fulfilling than they ever imagined. They get an incredible amount of joy with every block they create, and hope they bring joy to you and your family with a custom glass block for you.

Here are some of their Artistic abilities

St. Patrick Block

Breast Cancer Awareness Block

Red Cardinal Block

Company name Block  (Canidae Pet food Inc.block)

Our Love Block   (Valentines Block)

 Our Gymnastics Block  (This was made for East Pasco Gymnastics)

Our Dolphin Block

Teen requested block (Mindless Behavior)

Religion Block